Thursday, January 11, 2018

DeAgostini Millennium Falcon Model Build Diary - Part 1

I decided to build the 1/43 Millennium Falcon model from DeAgostini. As all parts will come together with the magazine weekly, this will be a long journey for the entire build. I'll use this blog as the dairy of the building process of the model.

I started to receive issue#1~4 last week. Besides the magazine and assembly guides, these are the parts in each issue. Even the model is pre-painted and weathered, I may add in more weathering effect to make it more realistic.

Issue #1
Includes: Cockpit Instrument panel sticker, cockpit bulkhead, cockpit base, laser cannon barrels (upper & lower), mounting plate (left & right), mounting yoke, fixing screws, hull plating, a screwdriver and a 1:1 Falcon Model Blueprint.

Issue #2
Includes: Quad laser turret, control desk, cockpit instrument panel sticker, hologame table, Dejarik gameboard, Hull frame (TF-3 & TF-4), 2-hole connecting plate, 4-hole connecting plate and screws.

Issue #3
Includes: Hull plating, Cockpit door, cockpit door sticker, control yokes, throttle lever, pilots's seats, passengers' seats, hull frame, 4-hole connecting plate, 2-hole connecting plate & screws.

Issue #4
Includes: Cockpit console front panel, hull frame, frame fixing screws, 4-hole connecting plate & panel fixing screws.

That's all for today, more