Monday, February 29, 2016

The next Lego Minifigure series - 71012 Minifigure Disney Series

Sometimes ago, there were rumours flying around in the internet about the next Lego Minifigure series will be Disney characters. Today, we can finally see the name of each character that will be released. There will be total 18 characters instead of 16.

Mickey Mouse
Minnie Mouse
Donal Duck
Daisy Duck
Peter Pan
Captain Hook
Cheshire Cat
Mr Incredible
Buzz Lightyear
Pizza Planet Alien

Friday, February 26, 2016

Model kits (Gunpla & Bandai Star Wars) new arrival & restock

We have some popular and rare kits arrived today. Drop by our shop today to grab them home. :)

New Arrival

Rare kit

Rare kit

New arrival

New arrival

New arrival

New arrival

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lego restock 24th Feb 2016

Some Lego sets just came in. Check them out.

Review - 75099 Rey's Speeder

Just completed this awesome Lego Star Wars set - 75099 Ray's Speeder. And I would like share a simple review with you on this set. :)

This is a small sets with 193pcs in the box, 2 minifigure - Ray and Unkar's Thug. This is a cheaper set that let you collect minifigure Ray (you can get Ray in the 75105 Millennium Falcon too). The retail price of this set is RM119.90.

Content of the box:
 A copy of the manual.

 2 bags of bricks.

A sheet of stick.

Unkar's Thug: Comes with a gold color crowbar and a grey cowl. Very detail printing on the head, front & back torso and legs. Some "sand stains" is printed on the cloth too, which make the minifigure stunning.

Rey: This minifigure comes with 2 faces as you can see from above picture. I kinda like her face expression on the smily face :P. Besides, you can get the accessories such as a messenger bag, turban-mask and the weapon. Detail printing on her front & back torso & legs too. 

Rey's Speeder:

I like the unique look of this Rey Speeder. The color of the speeder is nice and with lots of accessories on it. The engine flaps (both sides) can be opened by turning the bottom engine (thruster), the mechanism is quite smooth and this really increase the playability of the Speeder.

Here's some pictures of the Speeder.