Monday, August 14, 2017

The LEGO Ninjago Movie 70607 Ninjago City Chase review

My 2nd The LEGO Ninjago Movie set is this: 70607 Ninjago City Chase.

This set has 233 pieces and comes with 5 minifigures. The variety of minifigures and accessories definitely increase the fun of role-play possibilities. Retail price of this is RM99.90.

I'll begin the review with the boxart. This is front of the box.

The rear side.

Inside the box:
- 1 manual book
- 1 piece of sticker
- 2 bags of bricks (bag#1 & bag#2)

Extra parts.

This set comes with 5 minifigures - Lloyd Garmadon, Nya, Ham, Officer Toque, Shark Army Thug

Lloyd Garmadon - wearing a green colour jacket and black colour pants (a new high school outfit decoration). I like the design of the front waist where it shows some of the jacket comes out and covering partial of the belt. He has 2 smily faces (one with a longer smile) and a new tan colour hair piece. He doesn't carry any weapon but a soda (obviously from the printing of the 1x1 round tile😁).

Nya - wearing a stylish black colour jacket with grey colour jean (a new high school outfit decoration). There are holes on her jean and shoe printed on her feet too. She has 2 faces - a sweet smily face and an angry face. Instead of short hair, she has a new long hair this time and was tighten with a silver colour string. She is carrying a mobile phone.

Ham - a food stall seller. His face expression fully shows the characteristic of a food stall seller, it's kind like shouting "Fish! Vege! Fresh!" 😁 I really like it. The torso design is a very simple printing blue colour shirt, wearing a fisherman's hat and cash in his hand.

Officer Toque - This character remind me the "Bad Cop" in The LEGO Movie year before. The uniform is in black colour, an officer badge at the front and a walkie talkie at the back. Only one face expression for him and I kinda like the helmet. He is carrying a handcuff.

Shark Army Thug - The design of the front torso is exactly same as the Shark Army that I reviewed in 70609 set. The back side of torso is printed differently compare with other Shark Army. And the legs have a bigger knee pads. He has an eye patch on his face too. His weapon is a fish hammer.

The vehicle of Officer Toque is a tuc-tuc. It's not big but I like the way it is constructed. It is very neat and fully carry out the taste of a tuc-tuc. It has a single wheel at the front with and the head of the tuc-tuc is detailed with police lights (blue & red). The handcuff can be put on the front seat.

Finally is Ham's food stall. On the top of the roof there is a ninjago word which means "shop". On the right of the stall there are baskets of apples and fishes whilst on the left is basket of cherries. The baskets are put into angle so the food can be displayed nicely. 

There are 2 lamp posts in between Ham's food stall and they are connected with a wire that full of lights and lanterns. This is my favourite indeed. On the right lamp post, there are street signs that show Newtown and Arlo whilst on the left lamp post, the street signs show Downtown and Hotel.

Conclusion, I like this set. With RM99.90 you get 5 minifigures and whole bunch of great builds, including a very neat vehicle tuc-tuc and a beautiful food stall with lamp posts. I like every items in this set and I really think this is a good deal. I would say LEGO did a good job in this set to re-create the LEGO Ninjago Movie scenes.