Saturday, August 12, 2017

LEGO The Ninjago Movie 70609 Manta Ray Bomber review

This is one of the new LEGO The Ninjago Movie set that looks interesting to me. Since I got this in stock, I have a chance to build it and reviewed it.

The box art looks interesting and it comes with 341 pieces. Retail price is RM129.90

These are what you get inside the box:
- 2 manual books (book 1 & book 2)
- 2 bags of bricks (bag#1 & bag#2)
- 1 piece of sticker
- 1 piece of bottom part of a boat

Extra parts.

I like this, the shark head for Great White (the bad guy army). It's sealed separately in a small bag. 😀

This set comes with 4 minifigures - Cole, Shen-Li, Great White and Army Gunner.

Cole - As usual, he is suited with a black coloured outfit, but the arms are in yellow colour. The torso is printed both side with gold colour details and some characters that means "EARTH". This time he is armed with a hammer as his weapon. You can switch his face from a smily face to an angry face by turning the head to another side.

Shen Li - I like this character. His tan colour outfit and the pole with buckers on both ends really make him look like a normal citizen in an old village (recreate and role-play the LEGO Ninjago Movie scenes). Slightly disappointed is he only has a face with scared expression, it will be great if he has 2 faces similar to Cole. Meanwhile, it's a clever way to make him carry the pole on his shoulder.

Great White - the bad guy army that has a shark head on his head. He wears a standard uniform same as all other bad guys do. The items that differentiate him is the shark head and the oxygen tank that he wearing. His weapon is a fish drill.

Does his face look fierce or silly? 😁

Army Gunner - Wearing a blue fisherman hat and a standard uniform as other bad guys 😀 But I do feel his face expression is better than Great White (looks fierce). He is carrying a fish sai.

On the Manta Ray Bomber, there is a small detachable boat that can be seated with 2 minifigures. This small boat carries 2 bombs on its both side and at the rear of the boat, there is a small magnifier glass as a scope for the gun cannon.

The Manta Ray Bomber - my first impression when I look at this is, it really look like a stingray 😁 The front head area uses the white wheel fender pieces to form the shape. There are 2 spring-loaded missile launchers hidden inside the mouth, it's a clever method as it is not very noticeable even if the missiles are shot. To launch the missiles, just trigger the levels on the top of the head (behind the eyes).

At the bottom of the Manta Ray Bomber, there are 2 large tank with propellers attached to it. I'd imagine those can be bombs or engines.

The Manta Ray Bomber comes out quite big, around 31cm wide and 25cm long.

Conclusion, the Manta Ray Bomber is more compact than I thought, even though not much playability, the build experience was good. It is an interesting (good looking) set and I feel it's definitely worth the value.