DeToyz Plamo Contest 2024


DeToyz Plamo Contest 2024 began! We start our yearly event earlier this year to give more time to our contestants to gather ideas and build their model kit with diorama (if any)! We encourage our contestants to enhance their skills in this contest and use the entry to join GBWC Malaysia.

The contest registration starts today (7th May 2024) and all entries MUST submit in the week of 27th July to 3rd Aug 2024. Any entries that submit after 3rd Aug will automatically disqualified. 

You can use any model kits that purchase from us (except military, cars & motorbike model kits) to join our contest. This is our yearly event for our customer to share their modelling work. 

Rules and regulations as below:
  1. Must be your new own build. Any build that previously joined in other contests is prohibited.
  2. No registration fee required. Any model kits that purchased (except military, cars & motorbike model kits) on/after 7th May 2024 from our shop is allowed to join the contest. Deadline of registration is 20th July 2024.
  3. Entry form can get from us from 7th May 2024 onwards.
  4. This contest will run from 7th May until 3rd Aug 2024. All entries must submit their finished model to De Toyz Shop Seremban on 27th July ~3rd Aug 2024. Winners will be nominated on 10th Aug 2023
  5. All finished model can be collected on the 10th Aug 2023 afterward.
  6. Maximum diorama size is 30cm x 20cm
Judging Criteria:
  • Workmanship - 40 points: Includes thoroughness of basic model building including nub removal, seams as well as excellence of any modifications.
  • Painting - 30 points: Quality and execution of the painting, including details of the entry.
  • Concept and Creativity - 30 points: Aesthetics of the entry, including concept, posing, unique painting scheme and presentation, including diorama if applicable.
    • 1st Place: Trophy + Present
    • 2nd Place: Trophy + Present
    • 3rd Place: Trophy + Present
  • Mr Eric Yap
  • Mr KW Yong
  • Mr SH Chong.

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