Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Gundam Talk @ The Book Garden Seremban Gateway

We had a great time over the weekend! We organised an event with The Book Garden (Seremban Gateway) to introduce Gunpla to more Gunpla lovers. We also provide a free Gunpla for kids to build it on the spot. The event is very successful and the purpose of the event achieved. We can see a lots of smiley faces in the event, children love Gunpla, as well as parents!

A BIG THANK YOU to our speakers - Committee members from Gunpla Nogori (GN9), they provided a very good Gunpla introduction and Guidance to build a Gunpla to all the audiences.

A BIG THANK YOU to The Book Garden person in charge, Mr Chua and his crews, they provided lots of support to make the event successful.

A BIG THANK YOU to our photographer, Deef Lee, to capture so much of nice moment in photos.