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2016 Lego Superheroes and Lego Creator new arrival

Here's the new arrival of 2016 Lego Superheroes and Creator sets. Check them out.

Lego SuperHeroes

76049 Avenjet Space Mission, RM299.90 - Buy

76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack, RM179.90 - Buy

76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle, RM349.90 - Buy

76045 Kryptonite Interception, RM179.90 - Buy

76044 Clash of the Heroes, RM74.90 - Buy

Lego Creator

31050 Corner Deli, RM179.90 - Buy

31048 Lakeside Lodge, RM129.90 - Buy

31047 Propeller Plane, RM99.90 - Buy

31046 Fast Car, RM99.90 - Buy

31045 Ocean Explorer, RM69.90 - Buy

31044 Park Animals, RM69.90 - Buy

31043 Chopper Transporter, RM49.90 - Buy

31042 Super Soarer, RM49.90 - Buy

31041 Construction Vehicles, RM24.90 - Buy

31040 Desert Racers, RM24.90 - Buy

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