Monday, October 12, 2015

Bandai SW mode kit - 1/12 R2-D2 Painted build

Last week I started to build this awesome Star Wars model kit from Bandai - R2-D2. It's now completed.
Just to share some of my work. :)

Work in Progress: 
Layout all the parts so can do a test fit on the model.

The parting line on the head is too obvious and need to remove it.

 Close the gap with cement. Then start to sandpaper it.

 Done. Ready to spray.

Arrr~~ A dust is found while spray, need to remove it.

Firstly all the blue color parts were sprayed with metallic blue. But, after test fit to see the color scheme, I'm not quite happy with the end result. Have to mix the blue color again to match closer to the original R2-D2's color.

 Next is the body and the rest of the white color parts.

All parts are ready.

Comparison of 'before' & 'after'