Monday, November 3, 2014

2015 Lego City - Lego 60086 City Starter Set

If you still remember, in 2013, Lego came out with a Lego City Starter set (60023) that featuring 3 iconic vehicles: an ambulance, a fire truck and a police motorcycle.

In 2015, a new city starter set will be released (to replace 60023) - Lego 60086 City Starter Set.

This new start set has 242pcs, include an ambulance helicopter, a fire rescue boat, a police ATV with trailer and a water bike, an inflatable boat and 5 minifigures (a policeman, 2 fireman and a pilot).

The ambulance helicopter is quite simple, with 2 big yellow floaters on the landing gear. And you can see there is a single handle inside the cockpit.

There is not much surprise on the fire boat. The interesting part is there is a cockpit in the middle of the boat that with round windshield and a small roof. From the picture, you can see a big engine is attached at the back of the boat and a water cannon at the bow.

Finally is the small police ATV, which give more playability to this set. It looks a bit different from the previous police ATV, it comes with a trailer and pulling a water bike.

Overall, this is a not bad starter set for those who just started with Lego City or who trying to increase their city vehicles varieties.