Monday, February 5, 2018

Millennium Falcon Build Diary - Part 5 - Front control panel lighting

In this build, I'll start to install lighting system to the front control panel. As the front control panel doesn't come with a hole for the monitor, I cut a hole to let the light to shine through.

Tested it with a blue LED. Looking good.

Next I'll make another cutout on the base for the LED to fit on it.

The cutout is made with a smaller width so that the LED can be fitted tightly without glue.

Then it's time to place some lights (buttons) on the panel. To do so, I added some fibre optics to the panel. The fibre optic is very thin, diameter is only 0.25mm, just like a strand of hair. I added 10 lights (including the monitor) to the front panel and I think that's just good enough. Among this 10 lights, 3 will be blinking and the rest will be constantly lit.

In order not to spoil the fibre optic, I use white glue to static it instead of super glue.

Testing with all the lights on.

Coming up NEXT: More lighting to the cockpit and painting.

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