Monday, February 19, 2018

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18 Images Officially Revealed

Since 2 days ago I posted the LEGO CMF Series 18 image from New York Toy Fair, LEGO now has officially revealed the pictures of the CMF Series 18. This series 18 is to celebrate 40th years of modern LEGO Minifigure. This set has total 17 characters but report says that the classic policeman is only one per box so it's very rare. This CMF Series 18 will be available in April'18.

Party Clown - With his hat full of balloons and fun, the Party Clown is here to be the wacky and whimsical life of the party!

Elephant Girl - The Elephant Girl has been waiting all year to dance in her costume at the big party, and nothing’s going to keep her from having fun – not even that mouse!

Birthday Party Girl - The Birthday Party Girl is excited to be the youngest guest at the party. In fact, she is brand new

Cat Costume Girl - The Cat Costume Girl is a friendly feline who just adores parties. She gets to climb on all of the furniture and make new friends!

Flowerpot Girl - The Flowerpot Girl decided to bring the colors and beauty of a garden to the anniversary festivities.

Cactus Girl - Cactus Girl thought she was making an interesting and one-of-a-kind outfit to wear to the party. Maybe she should have thought more about the downsides of such a pointy ensemble.

Birthday Party Boy - The Birthday Party Boy is thrilled to join the celebration and can’t wait to see all his favorite Minifigures.

Race Car Guy - The Race Car Guy likes to do everything fast. He’s sure to be the first one to arrive at the party!

LEGO Brick Suit Girl - The LEGO Brick Suit Girl is bringing her unlimited creativity to the birthday bash.

LEGO Brick Suit Guy - The LEGO Brick Suit Guy’s favorite thing to do is put together LEGO sets, one brick at a time! Even at a party.

Spider Suit Boy - The Spider Suit Boy isn’t really into parties, but he loves any chance to surprise, or even scare, his fellow Minifigures.

Cowboy Costume Guy - The Cowboy Costume Guy is a total goofball! After all, he did come to the party dressed up as a cowboy riding around on a horse.

Birthday Cake Guy - The celebration for the 40th anniversary of the modern LEGO® Minifigure calls for a very special cake with an unexpected surprise inside.

Unicorn Guy - Swords! Wizards! Goblins! Glitter! The Unicorn Guy is bringing an epic quest for the other party guests to enjoy.

Dragon Suit Guy - The Dragon Suit Guy loves to make things hot and puts jalape├▒os or hot sauce on everything. EVERYTHING. He’s even brought a bottle of hot sauce to heat up the celebration.

Classic Policeman - Here he is, the birthday boy! The Police Officer was one of the first modern LEGO® Minifigures eve

Firework Guy - Who likes countdowns? The Firework Guy likes countdowns! No matter the theme of the occasion, he’ll find a reason to 3-2-1 … explode with good cheer!