Saturday, February 3, 2018

Build Fighters new series announced!

Bandai announced the new Gundam Build Fighters series - Gundam Build Diver! The anime will be shown in spring 2018. Meanwhile, Bandai releases the new Gunpla from this Build Fighter series start from March'18. Here's the product lineup....

I'll post individual Gunpla's photos in separate post.

HGBD Gundam AGEII Magnum

HGBD Gundam Double O Diver

HGBD Jim III Beam Master

HGBD Grimoire Red Beret

HGBD Momo Cupre

HGBD Auger Blade-X

HGBD Serraui Gundam Scheherazade

HGBC Diver Gear

HGBC Change Ring Rifle

HGBC Diver Ace Unit

HGBC Tilt Rotor Pack

Hallophora Halo Basic Green

Hallophora Haldieuardred

Hallophora Halo Shooting Orange

Hallopter Halo Pink Variation (Temporary name)

HGPG Petit'Gguy Divers Blue & Placard

HGPG Petit Candy Charming Momo