Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Millennium Falcon Build Diary - Part 4 - Painting Cockpit components

Quite a lot of work being done so far on the cockpit. I started to paint the cockpit components to match with the movie.

There will be a LED light right behind the instrumental panel and there are cutouts on the instrumental panel for the light to shine through. I haven't receive the model LED light yet so I tested it by putting it in front of a normal light source. It's looks very plain and most of the color turn white.

Therefore, I painted the back of the panel sticker with clear colour so the panel will illuminate with more colours.

Then, I started to weather the doorway with Tamiya Panel Liner Accent Brown.

After the brown colour, I wash it with a black colour paint to add more dirt and texture.

This is how it looks when it is fitted to the instrumental panel.

Then I primed all the components before I change their colours.

To match with the movie, I painted the pilot seats with sandy brown, black on passenger seats with cushions in sandy brown colour.

I weather the pilot seats with brown colour and Tamiya weathering master to make it a more realistic look - leather with worn.

The body of the passenger seats should be metal so I painted with black colour and dry brush it with silver colour.

I painted the little control box on the steering to black too.

As the floor and centre console of the cockpit, I painted it with dark grey and weathered it to look dirty and oily, since it's around the galaxy for awhile.

This is the part at below the front control panel, it comes in black colour. I dry brush it with silver paint to bring out all the details on it. I weathered it with some rust and mud too.

This is how the cockpit looks like when all components put together.

Coming up NEXT: Modifying the front control panel. 😊

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