Monday, January 15, 2018

Millennium Falcon Build Dairy - Part 2 - Cockpit fitting

Based on the parts I got from issue #1~#3, I'll start with something easy first. 😁

Examine the position before stick the instrumental sticker onto the cockpit bulkhead.

Carefully stick the sticker to align it with the cutouts on the cockpit bulkhead.

Then, fix the bulkhead head doorway sticker to the doorway.

Fitting the doorway to the cockpit bulkhead. I'm to perform a test fit here to make sure everything is right before carry out the next process.

Test fitting the pilot and passenger seats onto the cockpit base.

Test fitting the cockpit base onto the cockpit bulkhead.

Obviously I'll need to colour and weather the seats, cockpit base and doorway to make it more accurate.

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