Thursday, November 9, 2017

[Open Box Review] Bandai Star Wars kit - PG 1/72 Millennium Falcon

We have the new Bandai Star Wars model kit - Perfect Grade 1/72 Millennium Falcon arrived yesterday. I'll do a quick open box photo review here to show each runner of the kit. 😊

Front view of the box.

Top & side view of the box.

There is another printing on the inner cover when open up the cover.

Runners are separated to 2 sides. This is a huge set, come with 36 runners including the base stand.

Come with thick instruction manual, will not show every page here. 😊

Just to show how big the set it, I compare the part with the Bandai 1/144 Millennium Falcon. 😊

The detailing is awesome and I believe only Bandai can do this. The battle damage on the bottom of the ship is ready. This save up a lot of time to reproduce it.

The satellite disc.

The cockpit, clear parts.

 Big stand.

Below runners are protected from damage by a separate box due to all the parts are very fine and small.

Photo-etched parts and some stickers.

Big sheet of water decals.

LED Power box.

Lots of LEDs...