Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DIY a new spray booth

As my current spray booth was made in 2013 and it is very dirty now. I decided to made a new one. I plan to make a simple spray booth using whatever material that I can find in my warehouse (to save cost 😁) and targeting to finish it within 2 hours.

Above picture is the spray booth that I DIY in 2013. After years of using, it's now too dirty (picture below) this and it is time for it to retire... 😂

So I decided to make a new one. First I'll choose  a carton box that suit to my rack size.

Then, cut off the extra edges and tape it (to prevent the box).

To install the lights and exhaust fans, I'll open few holes on the top of the box.

Secure the exhaust fans onto the box. Then complete the wiring.

As I'm not using any exhaust hose, I just simply cover the fans with a small carton box so that the air will only flow in one direction.

That is it. A complete simple DIY spray booth.

It is a simple spray booth which I think it is suitable for neither Airbrush nor Spray Can to use. Just it is slightly ugly... 😂. But it serve the purpose.