Thursday, May 4, 2017

[New Product Review] 1/2 Bandai Star Wars BB-8 Model Kit build

Bandai released the 1/2 scale Star Wars BB-8 model kit end of April'17 and Bandai Hobby team did an assembly on the kit. Let's see how does this large 1/2 scale BB-8 look like. 😀

The actual size of the 1/2 scale BB-8 is huge! Look at the 1/12 scale BB-8 beside it. The height of the 1/2 scale BB-8 is approximately 33.5cm!

Box Art.

 All the runners for the 1/2 scale BB-8 model kit.

Assembling the body.

Mostly are under gate so do not worry about the nub after cut..

It's so easy to assemble the BB-8's body.

Storage pocket can be opened and you can put the memory chips (as the movie) here.

Color transparent parts (red, blue, smoke) to create screen.

 The cover can be opened and plug in the arms.

 The model is firmly fixed onto the base.

 The head parts used a new technology called "shading mold" to clearly show the detail line.

Behind this tinted glass, there is a LED unit (in red color) provided. 😀

 Install the antenna onto the head. The white antenna uses a soft material so it is flexible.

 Fixing the head to the body, they are connected with pin connection parts, very easy.

 The head position can be changed, thanks to the multi-movement joint.

Utility arm out...