Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz Official Images revealed!

Last year LEGO announced the LEGO BrickHeadz sets in SDCC and those sets were only exclusive to the convention.
Now, LEGO revealed the official images of the upcoming LEGO BrickHeardz sets and these sets will be in the market this year March. The new sets cover characters from various franchises including The Batman Movie, Civil War and Age of Ultron. From the images we can know the Captain America and Iron Man sets are not same as the SDCC sets.

41585 Batman (The Lego Batman Movie) - 91pcs

41586 Batgirl (The Lego Batman Movie) - 99pcs

41587 Robin (The Lego Batman Movie) - 101pcs

41588 The Joker (The Lego Batman Movie) - 151pcs

41589 Captain America (Civil War) - 79pcs

41590 Iron Man (Civil War) - 96pcs

41591 Black Widow (Civil War) - 143pcs

41592 The Hulk (Age of Ultron) - 93pcs