Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bandai releasing new Star Wars Yoda Model kit

This is a super cool news! Bandai will be releasing the Star Wars Yoda model kit in Mar and the price is about 3000yen. This kit comes with 2 scales, yes, you heard me correct, both 1/12 and 1/6 are in one kit. They are not only different in the size, but the era too. The 1/12 Yoda is from "The Empire Strikes Back" whilst the 1/6 Yoda is from "Attack of the Clones"

1/12 Yoda:

Basically the 1/12 Yoda will have very limited articulation, perhaps a statue!? It is understandable as in the movie Yoda is less than 3 feet, so it is not easy to make a small model kit with full articulation. The robe should be same rubber material as the model Kylo Ren's that released earlier. It comes with a cane for this 6 inch model.

1/6 Yoda:

The 1/6 Yoda will have have full articulation and comes with an extra head and several hands. As the accessories, they are providing a cane, a lightsaber (hilt and ignited).