Monday, November 10, 2014

2015 Lego Speed Champion: Lego 75913 Ferrari F14 & Scuderia Ferrari Truck

This is a very good news for Lego F1 fans. Lego is going to release this new F1 set under the Lego Theme - Speed Champions.

Even though there is no information about the number of bricks in this set, from the picture you can see this is a very big F1 set, including a Ferrari F14, a big red Scuderia Truck, a scooter, 6 minifigures (yes, it is six minifigures!!) - pilots, mechanic and crew members, spare tires, tools & cabinets, and other accessories.

The entire truck is made with red bricks, with very special cockpit. There is no windshield or glass in any window, and from the picture, it looks like the cockpit has independent suspension from the chassis. All the lowered suspension, the engine's grid that with truck's brand, the wheel axes, the steering wheel and the rear mirrors, giving this truck a very racing & reality look.

The trailer is divided into 2 compartments - control room and a room for the Ferrari F1. Each room has individual door (open from the side). There is a big gate can be lowered for the F1 car to climb into the trailer. There are flat screen monitors in the control room, a table and a seat too.

In terms of the Ferrari F14, it's small but beautiful and details. There 2 front bumpers that can be easily exchanged by another. In the cockpit, the space is only allowed a minifig to be seated.

From the picture I can't really see if the minifigures are similar to previous Shell's minifigures that use stickers. But I presume the torsos are printed with logos instead of stickers.

Overall, this is a set that must be collected.