Saturday, November 8, 2014

2015 Lego Creator - Lego 31036 Toy and Grocery Shop

One of the new 3 in 1 Creator set that coming in the beginning of 2015 is this 31036 Toy and Grocery Shop.

This set is definitely a nice set. This set comes with beautiful building with small shops, 2 minifigures, some accessories such as street lamp, scooter and a small toy.

The building has a big arch in the middle that divides the shops into two - Toy & Grocery shop.

The toy shop is on the left and you can see it's door on diagonal. From the big window it has, you can see the toy displaying inside the toy shop (basically the toy put in is a train). Despite of the train toy, there is a toy machine allocated outside the toy shop, sitting beside the big window.

On the right of the building, it is the Grocery. In fact both shops are quite similar, you can see a big window and glass door on the grocery. From the big window, you can see a cash register and a shelf with few items on it. The interesting part of this grocery shop is the colourful awning and the brown box filled with fresh fruits.

There is a ladders at the left (beside toy shop) and it leads you to the small room on 1st floor. You can reach to the opposite room by using the black gangway that connects the toy and Grocery shop.

Overall this is a very interesting set and it matches with the Bike Shop & Cafe that released this year.