Thursday, October 30, 2014

MG Hi-v Gundam HWS Expansion Parts set

As we all know, every year Bandai will come out a MG set of Katoki's design Gundam. This year, Mr Katoki Hajime selected Hi-v Gundam as the set to make.

Besides the Hi-v Gundam, Bandai also come out with the Heavy Weapon System that can turn the Hi-v Gundam ver Ka into 2 forms. The HWS set is sold separately as a premium item. Let's check out what are the items included in the HWS set.


In the HWS set, it includes the Armors on chess, shoulder and legs, Hyper Mega Shield, Hyper Mega Rifle, New Hyper Bazooka, a Shield and a water decal (camouflage on the shield).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2015 Lego City - Lego 60073 Service Truck

This new city set has 233pcs, come with a yellow service truck, a trailer, a temporary toilet, 2 minifigures (city workers), some accessories such as garbage can, yellow barriers, shovel, toilet paper and a jack hammer.

First look at the yellow truck, it has a very good shape from the outside, and for the inside, it comes with yellow seats, a cup and steering. There is a very nice feature on the truck - 2 access steps on each small side doors.

Behind the truck it has a cargo compartment that has side doors each side. You can fill those accessories (garbage can, yellow barriers, shovel, toilet paper and a jack hammer) in this space. There is a winch to grab and move the temporary toilet.

The trailer on the truck can be used to hang the temporary toilet and put it on the winch. The toilet is built with big blue plates, with a grey door. A Male/Female plate is attached on the toilet's wall. A minifigure is just good enough to put into the toilet.

As for the minifigures, they are quite a standard city workers, not much surprise here. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2015 Lego City - Lego 60083 Snow Plough Truck

The next 2015 Lego City set that we'll to look into is the 60083 Snow Plough Truck.

This is relatively a small set that has only 196pcs. In this set, it consists of a city worker who carries a brown colour broom, a shovel, a snow truck and some snow studs.

The snow truck has big tires and raised suspension. There is not much different on the interior of the green cab - black seat, a red coffee cup and the steering wheel. There are 4 spot lights attached on the windshield.

Behind the truck is a big orange compartment that carries the snow blades (perhaps the snow studs as well).

The snow blades are built with few orange bricks and it has 4 additional lights on top of it. The snow blades can be easily attached at the front of the green cab and the blades should be movable. 

Overall this is a nice set to be collected. I can't remember if there is any other snow truck was released in recent years. Therefore I believe Lego City collectors will be very interested to include this set into their city collection... :)

S.H.Figuarts Iron Man 3 - Iron Man Mark 42 & Iron Patriot [Japan Ver.]

Finally the latest pair of Bandai S.H.Figuarts Iron Man 3 figures are here for order. You can buy them at our online store or just visit our shop at Seremban and grab the sets. :)
To order the figures online, click: S.H.Figuarts Iron Man 3 - Iron Man Mark 42 & Iron Patriot [Japan Ver.]

If you still remember the previous released of S.H.Figuarts Iron Man 2 - Iron Man Mark VI & War Machine which were really awesome in painting and quality, definitely you will be exited to see these new Iron Man 3 Figures. :)

As we can see from the pictures, the painting is quite accurate and the movement of the figures is good. Most of the favourite/classic poses can be posed without much problem.

As usual, these sets come with few pairs of alternate hands and some effects parts. For the Iron Patriot, there is a shoulder-mounted cannon in the set.

For limited time (& quantity), when you buy the Iron Man Mark 42 & Iron Patriot together, you will get a FREE couch for the Iron Man Mark 42 to sit on! The couch is an exclusive item that only came in the limited initial release set back in Sept 2014.

Monday, October 27, 2014

2015 Lego Pirates - Lego 70412 Soldiers Fort

I believe this is a very exiting news for Lego Pirates fans - in year 2015, we will have the return of the Lego Pirates. Below 5 sets are expected to hit the market:

  • 70409 Shipwreck Defence, 84pcs
  • 70410 Soldiers Outpost, 164pcs
  • 70411 Treasure Island, 180pcs
  • 70412 Soldiers Fort, 234pcs
  • 70413 The Brick Bounty, 745pcs
In this post, let's look at the set 70412 Soldiers Fort.

This set comes with 234pcs bricks which includes 2 pirates, 3 soldiers, besides the fort, a small boat, treasure chest, weapons and swords for each minifigures.

As can see from the picture, there is a black cannon on a rotation platform which can rotate 360 degrees. This increase the playability of the set, the pirate's boat has no place to hide... :)

The fort has 3 levels where each with different features:
- At the lowest level, there is a small door. Beside it is an arch and the pirate's boat can pass through.
- At the mid level, we can see a winch which is controlled by a small handler.
- At the highest level of the tower, we can a blue flag and a small cannon.

Lastly, from the picture we can see all minifigures are printed with very nice suites. Eventually this is a very nice set with full of playability.

2015 Lego City - Lego 60069 Swamp Police Station

It's almost end of year 2014 and it is time for us to look at what are the new Lego sets that coming out in year 2015. :)

First, let's start with the new Lego City set - Lego 60069 Swamp Police Station.

Looking at the picture, first impression is, oh, it looks similar with the set 4440 Forest Police Station that released in 2012.

The set consists of 707pcs, come with a Police Station, a Police Boat, a Thieves' Hovercraft, a small motorbike, 6 minifigures (2 robbers & 4 policemen), a small island and some creatures such as crocodile and dog.

From the picture we can see there is a bridge connected between the prison (cell) and the police office. The space below the bridge is big enough for the boats to cross over. This structure increase the playability of this set.

The new Police Jeep in the set looks very sturdy - bigger tires, big front grill with lots of lights, higher suspension that match to the swamp environment. And you can see from the picture, the jeep has no roof. :)

Personally I like the thieve's hovercraft and crocodile. The hovercraft come with the engine and a big propeller at the back. Seat at the middle and some clips for the light at the front of the hovercraft. There is a chain and crowbar to pull the prison's door to release those arrested thieves.

Overall, even the building is not very big, it has lots of stuff to play with, especially the nice vehicles and minifigures.

This new City set will be released in the beginning of 2015.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Deepavali 2014

We wish all our Hindu customer a Happy Deepavali this year.

We are closed on tomorrow (22nd Oct 2014, Wednesday) and resume business as usual on Thursday (23rd Oct 2014).

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lego ends partnership with Shell

The Guardian reporting that Lego will not renew their partnership with Shell after the Greenpeace campaign. This is after the pressure from Greenpeace to end a partnership that since 1960s.

Full article you can click on the link below:
The Guardian: Lego ends partnership with Shell

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lego 75899 Ferrari F150 set

It is not official announced but almost confirm that beginning of next year (2015), this awesome Ferrari F150 set will be released. This small set is expected with around hundred pieces and it comes with a minifigure, a Ferrari F150 and a racing sign.
From pictures, we can see the great details on the Ferrari.. For sure this is a MUST have set.  :)

71007 Lego Minifigure Series 12

Finally we have the 71007 Lego Minifigure Series 12 stocked in.. Drop by our store to check them out today.. :)

Just found this board lying in my store for long time... 
Assemble it and, yes, it is nice ! 
Haha...of cause all minifigures series 11 are sold...