Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lego New Series 12 Minifigures

Finally all the characters in the new Lego Series 12 Minifigures revealed.
Let's check them out one by one:

"Now, where did I put that potion? I know it's in here somewhere..."

Hun Warrior
"C'mon, I'm not so bad!"

Fairlytale Princess 
"My research suggests that this frog may be just the one I'm looking for!"

Video Game Guy
"Prepare to face my ultimate super mega ultra combo move!"

Battle Goddess
"If you attack the weak, then you deal with me!"

Space Miner
"Give me a good laser-drill and a spot to paint my mango-boots, and I can dig up anything!"

Lifeguard Guy
"Nobody's getting in trouble while I'm on duty!"

"Whoooey! Mine, mine, mine!"

"Hoo-hoo-hoo! Stop me if you've, ha-ha-ha, heard this one, hee-hee, before!"

Dino Tracker
"From Allosaurus to Zuniceratops, I've caught 'em all!"

Pizza Delivery Man
"Hi! Did somebody here order a pizza?"

Rock Star
"They call it a rock because it rocks, baby!"

“Here’s the part where I swing in and save the day!”

Piggy Guy
"Ahhh, this is the life."

Genie Girl
"Are you suuure that's what you want?"

Spooky Girl
"Do you want to come play with me?"