Monday, October 14, 2013

2014 Lego Ninjago Sets

Finally the 2014 Lego Ninjago Sets are revealed and I've gotten some info and photos about them. Let's check them out!

Lego 70720 - Hover Hunter
This is the entry set that has less than 100pcs.

Lego 70721 - Kai Fighter
This set has 196pcs, 2 new minifigures General Cryptor and a big red jet.

Lego 70722 - OverBorg Attack
This set is with 207pcs, 2 vehicles - an all terrain tank bike and a Ninja Cycle, and 2 new minifigures Lloyd Garmadon and Overborg.

Lego 70723 - Thunder Raider
This set has 334pcs, a blue Thunder Raider,  the Earth Mech and 3 minifigures - Cole, Jay and Nindroid.

Lego 70724 - NinjaCopter
This set has more than 400pcs which consist of a big NinjaCopter, an air jet and 4 minifigures - Zane, Pixal and two Nindroids.

Lego 70725 - Nindroid MechDragon