Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let's play with Tomica!

I could never ever think about adding so much details on a Tomica. today let's have a look on how a modeler change the entire feeling on a Tomica. Hopefully this will give some hints to those Tomica collectors :p

The chosen model is the TLV-75a Nissan C80-3.5t truck wrecker. A 'rusty feel' is added onto the Tomica. 3 basic acrylic paints were used: hull red, flat black and clear orange to create the 'rusty feel'.
Let's see the pictures:

Below picture shows the original Tomica model before modification.


In order to get a good scene/feel, a tow truck must 'on tow'. Therefore another Tomica model, Nissan Caball 1900 is selected. This looks better, isn't it? :)

This is how the original Nissan Caball 1900 looks like:

Of course, some modification too on the Nissan Caball 1900. Side mirrors were added. Followed by weathering effect, dirt, panel lines, etc... Ended up like this:

Nice! :)