Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lego exclusive sets and key chains restock 9-Apr-2013

We have a number of Lego exclusive sets and key chains restocked today. I am not including the Iron Man set 76006 into this post as it is all fully booked (sold out again, sorry.).
To order them, you can visit our e-store.

Lots of Key Chain come in, haven't sort them out yet...

Let see what we have here... I will upload them to our online store asap :p

- 10197 Fire Brigade
- 10211 Grand Emporium
- 10214 Tower Bridge
- 10218 Pet Shop
- 10226 Stopwith Camel
- 620 Blue Baseplate
- 626 Large Green Baseplate
- 850622 Golden Ninja Key Chain
- 850446 LEGO® Star Wars™ Darth Maul™ Key Chain
- 850451 Lord Vampyre Key Chain
- 853430 LEGO® Super Heroes Superman™ Key Chain
- 850442 LEGO® Ninjago Key Chain Lloyd ZX
- 853101 LEGO® Ninjago Sensei Wu Key Chain