Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Get to know the new characters included in Lego Series 10 minifigures!

Do you know each characters in Lego Series 10 Minifigures. Let's have a closer look on each character in Lego series 10 minifigures.

Grandpa- “Everything was better back in my day!”

Tomahawk Warrior- “Here’s another trick I can do with my tomahawk!”

Paintball Player- “Ah, the most dangerous game…paintball!”

Roman Commander- “For the glory of Rome!”

Medusa- “Look thisssss way, my dear.”

Skydiver- “I’ll be jumping any second now. Yup, any second now.”

Bumblebee Girl- “Buzz buzz buzz!”

Revolutionary Soldier- “Give me liberty or give me disassembly!”

Librarian- “Shhh!”

Decorator- “Is this the right purple? It looks a little off…”

Warrior Woman- "Surrender or taste defeat!”

Sea Captain- “Another Kraken? Let me know if you spot one with ten heads.”

Baseball Fielder- “I got it! I got it!”

Sad Clown- “Why laugh when you can cry?”

Trendsetter- “It’s not easy to be super fashionable and popular all the time!”

Motorcycle Mechanic- “Clunking sound? Yeah, that’s supposed to be there.”