Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Next Lego Superheroes sets - Superman

After Batman, Spider-man and Iron Man3, the next Lego superheroes set that is going to release to market is the Superman set. Let's see what are they....

76002 – Superman: Metropolis Showdown
This is a set that with 119pcs in the box. The 2 minifigures (Superman and General Zod) are new which different from others. As you can see from the picture, the Superman minifigure is an awesome minifigure.

76003 – Battle of Smallville
This is a slightly bigger set that will be released to market soon. It has 418pcs inside the box. This set comes with the Black Zero Dropship, a small off-road car and 5 minifigures (Superman, General Zod Colonel Hardy, Faora, Tor-An).