Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lego 60022 – Cargo Terminal

If you missed the 2008 cargo plane (7734), this is the set that you must not miss. This is an improvement of the old cargo plane and if you prefer is a good adaptation of the Airport Airplane (3182) to the cargo’s environment.
This set is planned to release in next half of 2013.

The plane has exactly same length as the 3182, 48cm. The set comes along with a control tower and three ground vehicles - Qctan support vehicle, a forklift and a conveyor car. The conveyor car is a completely new elevator that will simply and easily carry the goods from the pallets or from another vehicles until the plain’s doors.
5 minifigures will be included in this set - 3 workers (the vehicles drivers), the tower controller and the pilot.