Friday, February 22, 2013

Lego 60004 City – Fire Station

Let's have a quick look on this new Lego Fire Station set 60004, which replace the old Fire Station set 7208.
The new Fire Station 60004 is almost similar size as the old or slightly bigger. It keeps the same main trasports: a big ladder truck and a small rescue vehicle. However there is an extra small rescue helicopter in this set.
Come to the minifigures, this sets have 5 minifigs (previous set has 4) and a dog. The extra minifig is the helicopter's pilot. The details of each minifigs are different from previous set too, the uniforms and helmets are new, and comes with a commander.


This time the 2 garages are sticked together, which allows you to have more space on the roof to build a heliport.

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